For Tires

All tires sold are covered by a limited manufacturer's defect warranty.  To initiate the warranty claim, contact a local authorized dealer of your tire’s brand in your area.  Only authorized dealers are qualified to inspect a tire and determine if it is under warranty.  You may need to provide the authorized dealer with the original receipt as proof of purchase.

To find an authorized dealer near you, visit the manufacturer’s website, or call them directly.  It is the function of the authorized dealer to assist with tire evaluation and warranty of the product. 

If the tire you purchased does not have an authorized dealer in your area, or if the authorized dealer refuses to help you, we will advise you to purchase a new tire and send the affected tire back to us for inspection.  If we find that the affected tire is covered under warranty, we will refund the purchase price of the new tire as per manufacturer’s pro-rated guidelines.  If we determine that the tire is not covered by warranty we can send the original one back to you. Please note that shipping charges both ways are the responsibility of the consumer.

PLEASE NOTE:  Tire warranties are pro-rated. You will be charged for the amount of tread that has been used based on the national adjustment price at the time of the warranty, and most likely, a service and labour fee.


For Alloy Wheels

We warrant that all wheels sold will be free from structural defects for as long as the original purchaser owns the product. 

This warranty is only valid when the wheel(s) are returned to us with freight paid by the customer with a copy of the original proof of purchase.  Obligation under this warranty will be limited to the repair or replacement of any wheel which is considered to be defective upon our inspection.

All warranty returns will be inspected and wheels covered by the warranty will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.  Please note that shipping charges both ways are the responsibility of the consumer.

What is covered?

  • Any peeling of the paint, clear coat or chrome on the face of the wheel before mounting.
  • Wheels that have a lateral or radial run out of greater than 0.025” or 0.635mm, as long as there is no evidence of impact.
  • Wheels that leak air.
  • Wheels that have improperly machined bolt holes, center bores or offsets.

What is not covered?

  • Any peeling of the paint, clear coat or chrome in the barrel or on the back of the wheel.
  • Wheels that have a lateral or radial run out of less than 0.025” or 0.635mm.
  • Stone chips, curb rash or scratches in the finish caused by road hazards.
  • Damage to the finish of the wheel caused by tire installation or the use of an impact gun.
  • Corrosion, pitting, scratches or staining due to improper wheel maintenance.
  • Wheels that have been damaged by impact, accident, racing, off road use, negligence, misuse or exceeding the maximum load rating.
  • Wheels that have been repaired, modified or altered.
  • Claims made by anyone other than the original purchaser.

For Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are covered for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The warranty applies against any manufacturing defects such as:

  • Air leak.
  • Defectiveness on the wheel structure.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Rust and / or discoloration due to poor maintenance.
  • Structural problem caused by the road.
  • Any wheel already installed on a tire (excluding wheel and tire packages).

Unknown.ca reserves the right to refuse any wheel damaged by abuse.


For Tire & Wheel Packages

Tire and wheel packages are mounted and balanced at our facility.  If you experience a problem with your tire and wheel package within 30 days of delivery, please contact us and we will investigate the problem and authorize a re-balance when applicable.  You must receive our authorization prior to any work being performed.  We reserve the right to determine if the re-balancing should be done at our retail location or at another independent authorized tire store.  If applicable, we will reimburse you up to up to $15.00 per tire for re-balancing (only with prior authorization).


For TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring system)

The TPMS sensors purchased are aftermarket sensors (unless specified) designed to function exactly as replacement OEM sensors. If you encounter problems with the TPMS sensors purchased, we will evaluate each situation on a case by case basis and provide alternate directives to address the problem.

Please communicate with us immediately if you notice an issue with your TPMS.  We recommend a TPMS inspection by a certified mechanic or car dealership and should follow the vehicle manufacturer’s “relearn procedure” outlined in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or using a TPMS scan tool.  The relearn procedure is important to ensure that the vehicle’s computer system recognizes the new replacement TPMS sensors.  The cost of any labour required for the TPMS relearn process is the responsibility of the consumer.

If this initial step does not solve the problem, we will instruct you to send the TPMS sensors back to us for a full refund.  Refund requests must include a copy of the receipt to verify mechanic inspection.  Customers are responsible for any labour charges incurred to remove the sensors from the wheels.  We will send you a shipping label to cover the shipping cost of the sensors.