Why downsize for winter tires.

While the wide, lower profile summer and all-season tires used in the warmer months are great at cornering in the dry and warm wet conditions, priorities should be shifted slightly when it comes to selecting tires for the winter months. The wider tires are forced to "plow" through snow and slush with their wider contact patch, where narrower tires have an easier time slicing though the elements with a longer and skinnier contact patch. For this reason, selecting a skinnier winter tire option that fits on the original wheels and vehicle is the preferable option for wintry weather. Better yet, downsizing wheel diameter when purchasing a winter tire and wheel package can amplify this benefit. Our experts and engineers have confirmed the wheel and tire fitment so you can be confident in your choice and winter performance.

Often the question is asked if this will affect the speedometer, which the simple answer is "no". The longer answer involves some math and some basic tire sizing knowledge.